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CBRNE Security & Counterproliferation

Creating a safer world by tackling global security challenges

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high yield Explosives (CBRNE) are weapons that have the potential to create both mass casualties as well as mass disruption to society.

For more than 25 years – beginning with our role supporting scientists after the fall of the Soviet Union – CBRNE security has been at the core of our mission. We partner with international government agencies, industry, academia, and non-government organizations to develop solutions to mitigate the proliferation of CBRNE threats and the intentional and accidental misuse of these materials. Our projects strengthen international safety and security culture by enhancing risk management practices, improving in-country detection and response capabilities, securing facilities, and encouraging collaborative partnerships to reduce risk.

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Strategic Areas

We build a safer, more sustainable world by advocating for the responsible and peaceful use of chemicals and preventing their misuse. We build and improve the capacity of partners around the world to secure and protect chemical assets and develop sustainable solutions to mitigate the proliferation of chemical threats.

  • Physical & Procedural Security 
  • Chemical transportation security and supply chain management 
  • Public-private partnerships and voluntary industry initiatives 
  • Regulatory practices on procurement, storage, and trade of chemicals 
  • Emergency preparedness and CBRN incident response
  • Know-Your-Customer and due diligence  
  • Securing soft targets and public transportation 
  • Chemical weapons and weapons-related technology transfer controls 
  • International norms on the use of chemical weapons and the consequences of violation 

We promote cross-border security collaboration, multi-sectoral engagement, and compliance with national and international standards to reduce global biosecurity and biosafety threats.

  • Biosafety & biosecurity culture development 
  • Pathogen security strengthening 
  • Identifying and countering emerging threats
  • Multi-sectoral cooperation capacity building
  • Institutionalizing the One Health approach

We advance international peace and security by promoting safe and secure uses of peaceful nuclear energy, nuclear security culture best practices, insider threat mitigation, countering violent extremist threats, training future generations, and facilitating international dialogue on emerging challenges.

  • Nuclear security capacity building  
  • Nuclear security culture development  
  • Regional knowledge sharing & relationship building  
  • Stakeholder engagement, skill development & trainings  
  • Empowering women in nuclear through specialized trainings and networks

We strengthen partner countries’ ability to implement sanctions and detect and disrupt illicit activities by adversaries.

  • Cybersecurity and countering malign cyber operations
  • Maritime sanctions enforcement
  • Counterproliferation finance
  • Sectoral sanctions enforcement & best practices
  • Sensitive technology transfer
  • Know-Your-Customer trainings
  • Open-source research on ballistic missile procurement networks

We strengthen the ability of partners in academia, government, and the private sector to protect their sensitive or dual-use data, research, and technology from illicit acquisition and misuse.

Learn more about our Research, Data, and Technology Security Capability

We raise awareness of efforts to undermine nonproliferation norms, counter malign influence campaigns, and debunk disinformation surrounding global health, research, and nonproliferation regimes.

  • Capacity building for journalists and media organizations 
  • Connecting technical communities with media stakeholders 
  • Enhancing governmental strategic communications 
  • Supporting research by universities, think tanks, and civil society institutions

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