How We Deliver

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Integrated Solution

What is an Integrated Solution

CRDF Global’s integrated solutions span our mission areas, offering our partners, funders, and participants comprehensive and sustainable services to solve their most critical challenges.

Throughout CRDF Global’s 25-year history leading complex, multinational, and multifaceted international development projects, we have built a strong reputation among our customers for assuring excellence and achieving measurable results.

CRDF Global’s monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) function begins with the design of our programs and continues through implementation and close out. We convert policy goals to demonstrated results that help our customers and partners achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

To facilitate MEL support for the project management cycle, we design and execute comprehensive performance monitoring plans, needs assessments, formative and summative evaluation studies, knowledge gains surveys, baseline assessments, and other data collection activities. Our programs are measured based on established methodological and analytical data-driven best practices.

Over the years we have designed and conducted numerous small-scale and large-scale evaluations of our capacity-building activities. Utilizing surveys and mixed methods approaches training outcomes such as knowledge gained, acquired skills and applied practices have been routinely and systematically assessed to provide evidence data for engagement improvements.

We have cultivated knowledge and capabilities throughout our staff and subject matter experts to build effective and sustainable data management systems that utilize state-of-the-art M&E approaches, tools and solutions.