How We Deliver

Specialized Equipment Procurement

Core Capability

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CRDF Global partners with international government agencies, research institutions, and laboratories around the world to identify and procure highly specialized equipment and supplies in support of research, scientific, and security missions.

Our comprehensive approach enhances facility security and capabilities through site assessments and evaluations, equipment and supply procurement, workforce training, standard operating procedure development, and long-term support for the repair and maintenance of equipment.

Our partners benefit from our extensive experience in vendor management and negotiations, expertise in international shipping and export control regulations, and familiarity with working in high-risk and challenging security environments. We collaborate with local vendors and providers to understand facility requirements and usage types to ensure that new equipment and operating procedures align with existing host infrastructures. Once completed, the modern specialized equipment allows our partners to carry out their missions with improved efficiency and safety measures that protect their workforce and the communities they serve.

Past Experience

CRDF Global Helps Jordan Replace Cesium Medical Devices

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Radiological Security selected CRDF Global to partner with the Jordanian Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission to procure non-radioisotopic alternatives for blood irradiators at three medical facilities: the University of Jordan Hospital, the Jordanian Cell Therapy Centre, and the King Abdullah University Hospital. CRDF Global made technical enhancements at each site to ensure proper functionality. We also supported host institutes in their transition and acceptance of new technology by conducting a manufacturer-certified operator training for all end-users and maintenance teams at the three host institutes.