CBRNE security & Counterproliferation

Research, Data, and Technology Security

Supporting research and technology organizations globally to protect their information from theft and misuse.

CRDF Global supports research institutions, universities, public sector organizations, and the private technology sector to safeguard their sensitive research, data, intellectual property, and technologies.

Sensitive information is increasingly sought by bad actors – from competitors, to criminals, to state-affiliated intelligence services. CRDF Global’s programming helps institutions develop appropriate measures and adopt best practices to protect this information.

Focus Areas

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Research Security

CRDF Global helps institutions identify and safeguard areas of sensitive research by developing or enhancing policies, procedures and practices.

Our expertise includes building capacity and investing in the following areas: 

  • Research integrity and ethics 
  • Responsible science 
  • Personnel surety 
  • Know-your-collaborator due-diligence practices and investment screening 
  • Intellectual property protection 
  • Balancing open collaboration, transparency, and security  
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Data & Information Security

As cyber threats to information assets increase, CRDF Global supports efforts to improve cybersecurity at research and technology organizations and to advance data governance and information security.

Our focus in this area includes the following areas: 

  • Cyber hygiene practices for non-IT personnel 
  • Cyber supply chain security 
  • Cyber incident detection and response 
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Security of Advanced & Emerging Technologies

From artificial intelligence to biotechnologies to quantum computing, applications of advanced and emerging technologies have the potential to vastly improve society.  However, if misused, they have the potential to significantly worsen the proliferation of weapons and pose new and significant threats to society. These advanced and emerging dual-use technologies require new governance models and approaches to security.

CRDF Global’s mission in this area includes:

  • Supporting scientists and technical communities in shaping and advancing responsible guidelines for emerging technologies’ safe development and use
  • Educating the global community and advancing safe uses of advanced and emerging technologies 

Opportunities for Eligible Institutions

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CRDF Global workshops and trainings allow organizations and professionals to go deeper into topics of interest that are critical to securing their research and technology. All events, led by experts in the particular field, are free of charge to eligible participants.

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Request access to free recorded expert video training modules and e-courses tailored to your sector and role at your institution. Courses are typically self-paced, translated into several languages, and include access to additional resources. 

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CRDF Global offers several opportunities each year for professionals in research and technology fields to gain first-hand experience, mentorship, and support from leading experts to advance and secure their nation’s science and innovation.

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Individuals and organizations may be eligible for a range of small grants to advance research, data, and technology security within their organization, their sector, or their country.

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CRDF Global offers a wide range of support, free of charge to eligible research and technology organizations, to enhance cybersecurity in order to protect information from theft and misuse. 

This includes IT and security vulnerability assessments conducted by third-parties, sponsorship of industry cybersecurity certifications, cybersecurity improvement grants, trainings, online courses, and expert consulting.