CRDF Global partners with dedicated and talented scientists, service providers, and consultants in carrying out our programs and services in countries around the world. We are often looking for peer reviewers, consultants, mentors, and fellowship hosts. When those opportunities arise, we will post them here.

CRDF Global prioritizes a safe and collaborative work environment in which diversity, equity, and inclusion is championed and discussed. CRDF Global provides equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity, national origin, protected veteran, or disabled status. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a respectful work environment that is safe, engaging, and comfortable for all.

CRDF Global pledges to prioritize sponsorship of diverse events and panels of experts whenever possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It’s important to read the request for proposal, quote, or information thoroughly. Please add all information requested. If you do not, your proposal may not be considered.

If CRDF Global requires travel, unless an exception is detailed in the request for proposal, we will reimburse the contractor for actual cost incurred if the expenses follow all applicable regulations, and are reasonably priced. That may include flight, lodging, per diem, ground transport, and other related charges like baggage fees. Flights must be Fly America Compliant and economy class for US Government funded travel.

If not already submitted with your proposal, a Contractor Data Form is required.  This document contains information related to basic contractor information, required regulatory reporting, and financial and legal due diligence.  We will also collect bank information, to make payment to the contractor for goods or services. 

Contracts over $250,000 may also require additional information related to cost and price analysis.  Your procurement representative will contact you to detail the required documents.   

A procurement representative or project manager will provide any guidance as necessary to execute the work. If there are additional subcontractors or suppliers working on the same project, CRDF Global will help facilitate introductions so that coordination can begin. CRDF may also provide additional information or resources in order to complete the work. In general, the statement of work in the contract will detail the required tasks and deliverables to be completed by the subcontractor or supplier. 

Please refer to our travel and logistics FAQs and guidance. 

All payment requests must come in the form of a line item invoice, which has the contract or purchase order number and details on each expense (including description, date the expense was incurred, cost, and the number of labor hours if applicable). Contractors can use the standard CRDF Global invoice if they do not have an invoice of their own.

CRDF Global will send out a 1099 form to certain individuals when required.  These forms will be sent out in the beginning of the next calendar year.  More information can be found on the IRS website.

A subcontractor who is undergoing a legal name change should send a new Contractor Data Form and a copy of their new business license to their procurement representative.  They should also submit a new bank information form to update their file.