Procurement & RFPs

Video Production Services RFP

Submission Deadline

Thursday, February 29 2024 at 02:00 PM EST Time


CRDF Global is seeking proposals from qualified contractors to provide comprehensive video production services for multiple projects. The work involves but is not limited to pre-production services, field production and post-production services with the aim of delivering content to CRDF Global stakeholders worldwide. 


The contractor will work closely with CRDF Global to fulfill video production services as requested from CRDF Global staff. The services provided should adhere to project requirements to ensure high quality content delivery. 

Proposal Requirements

  • Statement of Interest and Technical Capabilities 
  • Cost proposal  
  • List of recent experience in the RFP Subject Matter area and applicable references/past performance 
  • Any Small or Disadvantaged Business Designations (Veteran Owned, HUB Zone, Women Owned, Disadvantaged Businesses)