Procurement & RFPs

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to train and consult the Ministry of Health (MOH) of Ukraine and their RRT

Submission Deadline

Friday, December 01 2023 18:00pm EST


CRDF Global is seeking for the subject matter expert(s) *(1) to lead a series of engagements to strengthen the Public Health Center of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (CPH) Rapid Response Teams (RRT) incident response capabilities. These engagements will be in the form of a SIX-PHASE TRAINING PROGRAM that will leverage existing materials and expertise to strengthen the capabilities of the Ukrainian government and Ministry of Health (MOH), in particular, to mitigate threats to Ukrainian nationals and infrastructure virtual and in-person training, workshops, consultations, briefings, and instructional materials.


The expert(s) will develop training material, or present existing training materials, record training video content, present during live webinars, conduct testing, and present in-person at a two-day capacity building workshop for up to 60 participants.

(not applicable to this RFP)

Phase II: Remote REDOX Course
CRDF Global’s subject matter experts (SMEs) will develop an online training course for at least 100 participants from the 27 RRTs. The course will be made available to the participants on CRDF Global’s e-learning platform (Remote Engagements – Expert Discussions – Online Exercises (REDOX).