Procurement & RFPs

Strategiс Experts on Cybersecurity

Submission Deadline

Friday, August 04 2023


CRDF Global runs a vast portfolio of projeсts on various areas and topics of cyber security in a collaborative setting of government, academia, public and private sectors stakeholders in order to meet the funder’s goals.

To implement the projects in the appropriate manner and to accomplish projects tasks, CRDF Global cybersecurity projects teams are seeking for services and support from local Subject Matter Expert.


CRDF Global programming activities will be centered around but not limited to the following areas for CRDF Global`s Cybersecurity:

  • Modern international cyber security trends;
  • US, Ukrainian and European cyber security issues;
  • European and Euro-Atlantic Integration in the cyber security area;
  • Cybersecurity insurance;
  • Cyber hygiene for various audiences;
  • National and regional cyber security coordination and collaboration in Public-Private Partnership (PPP);
  • Development new/adaptation existing curricula on Cyber security topics for Universities;
  • Cybersecurity and cyber hygiene workshops, seminars, research/feasibility studies, university degree programs development and implementation, introduction of E-learning courses to the educational process, on-job training and table-top exercises.