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Seeking Subject Matter Experts on Curriculum Development for Nigerian University

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Thursday, March 09 2023


Terrorist groups such as Boko Haram and ISIS in West Africa continue to perpetrate violent attacks throughout northern Nigeria against government installations and civilian populations and may seek to produce rudimentary CW using dual-use organophosphates originally intended for agricultural use. Northern Nigeria’s predominantly agricultural economy relies heavily on fertilizers imported through ports in southern Nigeria. While the Nigerian government has attempted to regulate the agrochemical market, large informal distribution networks, inadequate employee and customer vetting, and vast compliance gaps in the country’s chemical transportation sector increase the risk that non-state actors will procure or divert toxic agrochemicals during their distribution to end-users. This project will create a formalized college-level curriculum on chemical security and develop future generations of chemical security advocates in Nigeria.


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instructions to university students and faculty on chemical risk management best practices. This engagement will consist of three remote webinars to support 20 Nigerian academics and support their efforts to design a chemical security curriculum on chemical risk management for use by faculty members, students, and staff. The webinar series will identify gaps in current curriculum with short and long-term goals for incorporating chemical security into Nigerian technical curricula and will enable development of short courses on chemical safety and security. The first two webinars are planned to take place in June with a following third Webinar in August/September.