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Seeking Subject Matter Experts on Chemical Security

Submission Deadline

Monday, October 03 2022


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) with experience developing and delivering instruction to university faculty and graduate students on best practices in chemical security in university/research laboratories. This training course will address high-risk material theft and misuse in Moroccan and Tunisian academic institutions. Participants will be able to prevent, identify, and mitigate insider threats by employing best practices for personnel screening, recognizing indicators of radicalization, and detecting and deterring chemical theft. The course will strengthen chemical security practices in North African universities and build capacity to detect and deter threats to high-risk chemical materials.


This project will consist of an asynchronous online course with at least six separate thirty-minute modules and one two-hour webinar which will bring academia participants from Tunisia and Morocco together.


The subject matter expert (SME) hereby referred to as “The Contractor” will provide course materials for the training series and present the course materials during the training as an SME. The Contractor will complete and submit to CRDF Global a post-event report summarizing the technical outcomes of the conference and recommending follow-on activities for chemical incident prevention and response. The Contractor will communicate regularly with CRDF Global through phone calls and emails as needed.