Procurement & RFPs

Seeking DPRK & Iran Sanctions Evansion Expert(s)

Submission Deadline

Monday, September 18 2023 5:00 PM EDT


CRDF Global organizes a wide variety of programming centered around maritime sanctions evasion, cryptocurrency, cyber activities, UAV-related activities, and counterproliferation finance (CPF)—including online training modules, multi-language presentations, and educational discussions—for a global audience. Programming and expertise include but are not limited to:

  • Workshops to train port authorities to enforce UNSCR (United Nations Security Council Resolution) sanctions on the DPRK and/or Iran.
  • Maritime sanctions evasions prevention topics such as ship-to-ship transfers, fraudulent flag carrying, vessel and port maintenance and inspection, or compliance for ship brokers and chartering services to prevent engagement with DPRK and/or Iran -linked activities.
  • Financial institutions’ and banks’ responsibilities to comply with UNSCR sanctions, including building effective sanctions compliance frameworks, taking preventative measures to manage risk related to the DPRK and/or Iran’s illicit financial activities or procurement networks, and conduct effective enhanced due diligence.
  • Counterproliferation finance through fiat and/or virtual currencies, such as blockchain investigations and analysis and DPRK-related money laundering tactics and obfuscation techniques.
  • Advanced Know Your Customer or Enhanced Due Diligence (KYC/EDD) investigations with compliance personnel and manufacturers of companies with sensitive or dual-use technologies. DPRK and/or Iran offensive cyber operations against financial institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, universities and research centers, cyber hygiene for non-technical audiences, cyber incident response; cyber threat hunting; tactics, techniques, and procedures of cyberthreats; cybersecurity strategy development and enterprise-wide cybersecurity; and cybersecurity table-top/interactive exercise development.
  • Create country-specific presentations and training regarding sanctions enforcement, illegal import of luxury goods, illegal commodity flows, dual-use procurement channels, counterproliferation finance, theft of sensitive intellectual property, or cyber operations.
  • We expect any materials developed on the above topics to be high quality and presentable to an audience of professionals in the public and private sectors.

As such, CRDF Global requires on-going, flexible, and lasting partnerships with experts in the field.


RFP Subject Matter Expertise: Maritime sanctions evasions, UNSCR sanctions on the DPRK and/or Iran, illegal ship-to-ship transfers, ship broker/chartering service regulations and due diligence, UNSCR sanctions compliance for financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges, DPRK and/or Iran-related anti-money laundering, blockchain investigations and analysis, forced North Korean labor overseas, DPRK cyber-attacks on financial institutions or DPRK cyber-attack investigation and attribution, and luxury goods.

The selected Subject Matter Expert(s) (hereafter, “SME(s)”) would be expected to provide contracted services such as, but not limited to:

  1. Building, tailoring, and deploying curricula and interactive exercises for private and public audiences around the world, both in person and via online methods such as live/ webinars or via e-courses/asynchronous training methods.
  2. Researching and providing detailed reports on the DPRK and/or Iran’s sanctions evasion tactics and methods to circumvent laws and regulations.
  3. Developing tools and/or documents for relevant staff at targeted institutions related to strengthening their capacity to prepare for and identify DPRK and/or Iran sanctions evasions tactics.
  4. Communicating and collaborating with CRDF Global to develop and deliver related trainings around the world.
  5. Offering outreach assistance, such as leveraging SME networks and contacts to assist CRDF Global with participant recruitment and selection for global trainings.
  6. Leading training implementation, including delivering curriculum developed, answering questions from participants, and providing follow-up guidance as requested by participants.
  7. Assistance with developing daily readouts during events, e.g., providing short summaries and key points of each presentation and discussion.
  8. Delivery of an After-Action Report that summarizes observations, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations for future programming on the relevant topic
  9. Providing reporting, such as financial reports, with all supporting relevant documentation (e.g., receipts, invoices, travel documentation, etc.), weekly and/or ad-hoc check-ins by phone or video conference during project planning and implementation, and final project reports including recommendations for next steps.
  10. Attending and participating in regular meetings with CRDF Global staff, funder, and other parties as necessary to coordinate successful implementations. Also attending lessons learned calls to discuss how to improve future engagements.