Procurement & RFPs

Seeking Consultants to assist with outreach, communication, and partnership development in Brazil

Submission Deadline

Friday, December 16 2022


CRDF Global’s capacity-building programming includes trainings, workshops, meetings, webinars, and other engagements for stakeholders in academic, research, private, financial, and governmental sectors focused on areas including sanctions compliance and securing dual-use research, knowledge, materials, funding, and data from being misused, stolen, or diverted.  These capacity-building engagements are largely focused on beneficiaries within the following sectors:

  • Academia and Research
  • Financial and Banking
  • Government and Regulatory Agencies
  • Private industry, including Technology and Manufacturing, Biological, Biotechnology, Chemical, and Pharmaceutical (BBCP) sectors

CRDF Global is seeking information from individuals or organizations (located anywhere world-wide) to assist with outreach, partnership development, and relationship building with individuals and institutions in Brazil for these capacity-building programs.


CRDF Global seeks information on Consultants to conduct any/all of the tasks below:

  • Facilitate introductions for CRDF Global with key stakeholders in Brazil
  • Assist CRDF Global in establishing, maintaining, and growing relationships with key stakeholders and subject matter experts in Brazil
  • Assist CRDF Global with identifying key stakeholders and subject matter experts for specific capacity-building engagements in Brazil
  • Conduct outreach to key stakeholders and subject matter experts to facilitate participation in CRDF Global’s capacity-building engagements in Brazil

Provide briefings to CRDF Global on topics of interest, perceptions, or other considerations for key stakeholders in Brazil in order to inform capacity-building engagements