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Seeking a team of SMEs to lead a series of (6) 1-day sanctions compliance and risk management workshops

Submission Deadline

Friday, March 01 2024


CRDF Global is seeking a team of subject matter experts to lead a series of six (6) single-day sanctions compliance and risk management workshops for financial institutions, corporations, and the public sector focused on identifying and disrupting Russian and Belarusian sanctions evasion activities. Each workshop will have at least twenty (20) participants and build capacity by educating participants on the latest sanction evasion and transaction obfuscation tactics, bolstering private-public partnerships, and providing participants with timely and in-depth support to counter Russian sanctions evasion activity. The workshops will take place in Poland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Marshall Islands. The proposed project will also provide an annual subscription to a high-tier compliance and sanctions risk data platform to better equip participants to enforce international sanctions and/or inform the programmatic activities.


The expert(s) will carry out six (6) single-day workshops with industry leading participant organizations in critically important at-risk countries. The experts will develop presentations, interactive activities, and other training materials for the following events:

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