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Seeking Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in stakeholder engagement and communications to support ongoing projects in nuclear security

Submission Deadline

Friday, February 24 2023


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) in stakeholder engagement and communications to support ongoing
projects in nuclear security, emerging technology in the nuclear sector, and related topics funded by the Department of
State’s Bureau of International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN). The SME will provide training and course
development for partner countries under the Foundational Infrastructure for Responsible Use of Small Modular Reactor
Technology (FIRST) program. The FIRST program provides tailored capacity‐building support to nuclear newcomer
countries on a wide range of topics to ensure that a small modular reactor (SMR) or other advanced reactor program is
built safely and responsibly in accordance with the highest international standards of safety, security, and
nonproliferation. As a FIRST Subject Matter Expert, the Contractor will work with CRDF Global to provide their subject
matter expertise to support the successful delivery of FIRST program engagements, building partner countries’ capacity
in the selected area of expertise to safely and responsibly develop a SMR or advanced reactor program. The FIRST Subject
Matter Expert will work under the operational supervision of CRDF Global, with guidance and input from ISN.


The Contractor will serve as a FIRST Subject Matter Expert in ISN funded activities under the FIRST program. This includes
supporting the CRDF Global team and ISN in the delivery of engagements under the FIRST program by providing subject
matter expertise during FIRST project implementations, both virtually and in‐person, as requested. The Contractor will
participate in coordination calls with CRDF Global and ISN as needed, develop tailored presentation materials for the
country in which they have been asked to support, including but not limited to an agenda, written presentation materials,
and any requested leave‐behind documents; and present materials during the implementation of identified FIRST
projects. Specific areas where the Contractor will provide subject matter expertise are: