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Seeking Subject Matter Experts on Ballistic Missile Proliferation and Counterproliferation Finance

Submission Deadline

Ongoing 6:00 PM EST


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter expert(s) (hereafter “Contractor”) with experience developing and delivering instruction and training on best practices to combat the proliferation of ballistic missile systems and technologies. The Contractor would build, tailor, and deploy curricula for non-governmental audiences around the world, both in person and via online methods such as live or recorded webinars.

The SME will have experience developing and delivering trainings on ballistic missile or advanced conventional weapon technology transfer as well as counterproliferation financing (CPF), including a deep understanding of multilateral and unilateral financial sanctions, including secondary sanctions under UN Security Council Resolutions and U.S. government sanctions regimes. The SME will also have knowledge of how state actors—notably China—seek to circumvent sanctions regimes and be able to train to specific case studies highlighting the threats and risks posed by purchasing of missiles and related technologies from sanctioned entities, the financial risks associated with predatory investment by the Chinese government, reputational risk associated with acquiring Chinese missile systems, and alternative vendors that offer reduced sanctions risk.

The SME should have experience working with private sector compliance officers, financial institutions, firms involved in the production of missile equipment and infrastructure, and transportation firms, among other entities.