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RFP-03-UA-2023 – Subject Matter Experts on Counterproliferation Finance and Russian Defense Sector – Black Sea

Submission Deadline

Monday, March 13 2023


CRDF Global is seeking subject matter expert(s) (SMEs) with experience investigating Russian defense sector networks which utilize the legitimate international financial system to evade sanctions and contribute to advanced conventional weapons (ACW) proliferation, with specific focus and expertise in the Black Sea Region. SME(s) will develop in-depth research deliverables and analysis to strengthen the global and Black Sea Region’s financial sector’s compliance programs, sanctions enforcement, and encourage adherence to international legal standards and counterproliferation finance norms.


The SME will deliver an in-person training in either Sofia, Bulgaria or Tbilisi, Georgia for at least 25 foreign partners and key compliance stakeholders to conduct enhanced due diligence practices to increase sanctions awareness and enforcement addressing Russian ACW proliferator networks. The SME will also leverage new and existing data and FCAP analytical materials in support of previous ISN/CTR Russian ACW efforts that will be condensed into actionable insights for specific compliance practitioners and program jurisdictions. These capacity-building materials and “tip sheets” contextualize data, insights, and provide “how-to’s” in an actionable summary format to assist in identifying and combating Russia’s ACW proliferation networks. The “tip sheet” will be translated by CRDF Global or selected vendors into the dominant business language of the program jurisdiction to ensure maximum reach and resonance with our target audience. Finally, the SME will also develop and deliver institution-specific briefings to strengthen the global financial and law enforcement sector’s compliance programs and encourage adherence to international legal standards and counterproliferation finance norms.

Proposal Requirements

Each proposal must include:

  • Technical Proposal (according to the attached template)

(including Statement of Interest, list of recent technical capabilities and experience and past performance related to the preferred contractor requirements above).

  • Cost proposal (according to the attached template)

Description of the pricing and cost factors (e.g., hourly rates, fixed-cost pricing on standard services, etc.) that the Contractor would be willing to negotiate.

Note that this assignment may require the contractor to travel to the country of implementation.

There are two options of the Contractor’s travel arrangements handling:

Option 1:   Travel arrangements are handled by the CRDF Global – for this option travel expenses should not be included to the Cost Proposal (except for travel hours).

Option 2:   Travel arrangements are handled by the Contractor – for this option detailed travel budget should be included to the Cost Proposal.

Details regarding the travel arrangements and expenses are given in the Annex A of the RFP.

  • For individual SMEs:
    – CVs of the SME(s) applying for the assignment fulfilment;

For institutions/companies/organizations:

– General presentation of the company/organization (free form);

– CVs of the SME(s) offered for the assignment;

  • Any other information and/or documents (certificates, authorizations, reference letters, etc.) that may help to properly assess the proponent’s qualifications, skills and experience relevant to the subject of this RFP.
  • Applicable references regarding the past performance (if available).