Procurement & RFPs

CRDF Global is seeking a contractor for Digital Assistance and Coordination Platform development. Local contractor (Ukraine)

Submission Deadline

Monday, January 29 2024


CRDF Global runs a vast portfolio of projects on various areas and topics of cyber security in a collaborative setting of government bodies, academic institutions, public and private sector stakeholders. CRDF Global aims to develop and deliver a web platform for government facilities to manage and coordinate equipment and material needs efficiently to enhance cyber resilience in Ukraine. The platform should facilitate expert evaluation, monitoring of data status, and efficient distribution among recipients.

CRDF Global is seeking an experienced contractor to submit proposals for developing a centralized platform. The selected contractor will be responsible for the supply, implementation, and technical support of the Platform. The selected contractor will deliver that aligned with CRDF Global project goals and objectives and customers’ specific requirements.

CRDF Global will select the contractor that offers the best value, considering both overall price and experience. The contractor should demonstrate proven expertise in developing online platforms, focusing on robust cybersecurity protocols, and aligning with the provided technical task.


The initiative is part of CRDF Global’s commitment to bolstering cyber resilience in Ukraine. The Platform, hereafter referred to as “Platform,” is envisioned to be a centralized hub facilitating the coordination of digital assistance for state institutions. The goal is to enhance sustainability in state public services through streamlined communication between Recipients and Donors. The Platform aims to automate processes related to preparing, registering, publishing, and implementing projects involving external financing for cyber resilience. The main goal of the selected contractor will be to develop a high-quality web platform that will focus on cyber resilience needs in Ukraine, and its primary function will be to centralize information on equipment and material needs, automate data verification, and facilitate coordination with donors.