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Seeking Subject Matter Expert(s) on Strengthening Supply Chain Security

Submission Deadline

Thursday, December 15 2022


CRDF Global will support a two-day training in Taipei, Taiwan for at least 15 Taiwanese chemical manufacturers & distributors in regulatory affairs to strengthen supply chain security. The training will stress the risk of supply chain vulnerabilities, red flag indicators of illicit procurement by front companies of state CW programs, promote rigorous customer vetting programs, encourage the scrutiny of contract requests for dual-use chemicals, recommend chemical supply chain management standards, and encourage adoption of voluntary measures and due-diligence best practices to prevent the sale of dual-use chemicals and CW technology to front companies. Other topics will include implementing insider threat mitigation and material security practices. The training will enable participants to develop an industry action plan for improving customer vetting programs and responsible distribution that can be implemented at their home institutions.


The subject matter expert (SME) hereby referred to as “The Contractor” will develop course materials for the training series and present the course materials during the training as an SME. The Contractor will be awarded a contract (to include labor, economy flight, lodging, and per diem) provided following the completion and submission of the tasks and their deliverables outlined below: