U.S. Department of State Selects CRDF Global to Build Cybersecurity and Entrepreneurial Capacities in Ukraine

Arlington, VA (January 6, 2021) – The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs (EUR/ACE) has selected CRDF Global to implement four research and development activities to enhance entrepreneurial and applied research capacities in Ukraine. 
These initiatives mark the continuation of two longstanding CRDF Global programs: the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program (STEP), which supports entrepreneurs and cyber professionals with access to trainings, mentorship, competitions, funding opportunities, and a global network of innovative industry experts; and the Cooperative Grants Program (CGP) which provides support for collaborative research between U.S. and Ukrainian higher education institutions focusing on cybersecurity, alternative energy, and other specialized sectors.   
“CRDF Global is honored to build on our long-standing partnership with the US Department of State to deliver critical programming that builds the resilience of a key U.S. ally through cutting-edge research and entrepreneurship support,” says Maggie McDonough, Director of Technology & Innovation at CRDF Global. 
A trusted EUR/ACE partner for nearly 20 years with satellite offices in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Amman, Jordan, CRDF Global is uniquely positioned to manage programs that augment sustainable collaborations in science and technology, increase cybersecurity capacity in Europe and Eurasia, and support long-term sustainable development and threat reduction in the region.   
About CRDF Global 
CRDF Global is an independent nonprofit organization that promotes safety, security, and sustainability worldwide. Established in 1995, CRDF Global provides technical assistance, trainings, logistics, and program management in support of foreign assistance and citizen diplomacy missions. With expertise in CBRNE security, global health, cybersecurity, strategic trade controls, international exchanges, and more, we are committed to improving our world by building relationships, strengthening individuals, and building technical capacities in over 120 countries.