Third Robin Copeland Memorial Fellow, Dian Pusfitasari emphasizes investment in science diplomacy & international collaboration

CRDF Global’s third Robin Copeland Memorial Fellow, Dian Pusfitasari, is published in Science & Diplomacy with a letter from the field article about enhancing chemical security in Indonesia.  While researching during the RCMF program, Dian Pusfitasari investigated Indonesian chemical security in universities, government research institutions, high schools, and service labs.  When Pusfitasari’s research showed that Indonesian chemists used the terms “chemical safety” and “chemical security” interchangeably, Pusfitasari discovered the root of the problem: the disconnect between scientists and law makers.  Pusfitasari used the RCMF program to research levels of chemical security awareness, and scientific diplomacy.
Read Dian Pusfitasari’s article here: Steps to Enhancing Chemical Security in Indonesia
Watch Dian explain the importance of chemical security, prior to the start of her RCMF research:
The Robin Copeland Memorial Fellowship (RCMF) provides women scientists, like Dian Pusfitasari, in emerging countries the opportunity to deepen their understanding of nonproliferation policies and work alongside influential leaders in peace and security.
About Robin Copeland:
Robin Copeland worked at CRDF Global from 2007 to 2011 and served as Program Director for Nonproliferation. Over the span of her career, she worked with multiple U.S. and international organizations to create a safer world and contributed to achievements in many areas of nonproliferation. Robin entered government service working in Russia in 1991. In her first year, she became the Energy Attaché at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. She was elected International Cooperative Administrative Support Services Council Chair—the first person under fifty and the first female to hold that position. RCMF is an initiative to honor Ms. Copeland’s memory and to continue her legacy.