SDPU Initiative Presents at Workshop to Implement U.S.-Portugal MOU on Cooperation on Cancer

CRDF Global, as a representative of the Sustained Dialogue on Peaceful Uses (SDPU) initiative, attended the Workshop to Implement the U.S.-Portugal Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on Cancer Research, Prevention, Control and Management in Lusophone African Countries in early May 2024. This workshop, cohosted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Portugal and the United States, took place over two days with cancer care experts from Mozambique, Angola, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Cabo Verde, Portugal, Brazil, and the United States to discuss national and international programs to support improved cancer research, prevention, control, and management in Lusophone African countries.

During this workshop, CRDF Global was honored with the opportunity to present on the SDPU program and its ongoing work to promote the peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology in cancer care. The presentation highlighted the three cancer care focused SDPU workshops held since the inception of the program in October 2022, including the Workshop on Improving Access to Radiation Medicine in West Africa hosted in Ghana, the SDPU Side Event at AORTIC Conference in Senegal, and the most recent Trilateral Meeting on Improving Access to Cancer Care for Rural Populations in West Africa. This also served as an opportunity for the SDPU program to identify synergies and new areas of collaboration for future healthcare programming in new regions.

CRDF Global and the wider SDPU team sincerely thank the United States Embassy in Lisbon, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Portugal, and the National Cancer Institute for the invitation to participate in such an important event and looks forward to upcoming opportunities for collaboration with all attending stakeholders.

The SDPU program is jointly funded by the U.S. Department of State and the UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero. For more information on the SDPU, please visit