CRDF Global Hosts Health Emergencies Strategic and Operational Planning Workshop in Mozambique

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CRDF Global, with support from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), worked in partnership with Mozambique’s National Institute of Health (Instituto Nacional de Salude, or INS), to host the Health Emergencies Strategic and Operational Planning Workshop from 15-19 August 2022 to help Mozambique strengthen its public health emergency management capabilities.

Emergency preparedness and response frameworks and plans provide a critical foundation for effective, coordinated responses to public health emergencies. The Health Emergencies Strategic and Operational Planning Workshop provided the opportunity for INS staff and delegations representing the Sofala, Nampula, Maputo City, and Zambezia provinces to develop the necessary inputs for the nation’s first Preparedness and Response Strategic Plan.

CRDF Global, assisted by experts from the US CDC, worked with INS personnel to facilitate a greater understanding of the processes for strategic planning, threat and hazard identification, stakeholder identification, and operational plan development, and to develop a practical approach to creating plans tailored to the threats facing Mozambique.

In the development of a Public Health Emergency Management program, the first step is to develop a strategic plan. Elements of the HESOP workshop gave INS the tools needed to develop their own strategic plan, and to determine which emergency response scenario should be prioritized for operational planning.

“By establishing a strategy and developing operational planning priorities, the Mozambique INS is one step closer to realizing its goal of creating a functional and operational Preparedness and Response Program,” said Jim Banaski, CRDF Global’s Senior Technical Advisor for Global Health.