CRDF Global Announces Winners of the Partnership for Nuclear Security’s Multimedia Competition

The Nuclear Security Multimedia Competition advances the PNS mission by promoting nuclear security culture and best practices among educational institutions, nuclear facilities and research laboratories . Participants from India, Indonesia, and Morocco designed websites, videos, and mobile applications, and the public voted for their favorite entries on the PNS website.
We are excited to announce that the first place winner is Dhruv Dharamshi, of Amity University, India. Second place goes to Bagus Nusantara and Fadhi Yassar, of Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia. The third place winners are Indranil Bisuri and Akash Agarwal, also of Amity University, India. The first place winner will receive funding to attend the 14th Annual Congress of the International Radiation Protection Association in Cape Town, South Africa from May 9-13, 2016. Additionally, the runners up will receive grants to support activities at their universities promoting nuclear security and the further development of their multimedia entries. 
We welcome you to view the submissions below and use them for educational purposes. Please provide appropriate credit to the authors for their work. The submissions are the products of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Partnership for Nuclear Security or CRDF Global.
Abderrahmane El Kachani – VideoBagus Nusantara and Fadhil Yassar – VideoBharat Rawat – Mobile GameDessy Ghofur and Muhamad Waskito – VideoDhruv Dharamshi – WebsiteEsserhir El Fassi Youness – VideoIndranil Bisuri and Akash Agarwal – WebsiteKhandaq Muhammad and Pattipeilohy Sarah – VideoTaha Laghouazi – VideoVivek Maradia and Nirav Patel – Website