CRDF Global and NSF Launch Newton’s List, a Gateway to International Research Collaboration

After more than a year of brainstorming and meticulous planning, CRDF Global and the National Science Foundation are proud to introduce Newton’s List, a website where funding agencies, nonprofits, universities, and industries can reach a broader community, maximizing their potential to solicit high quality proposals.
Newton’s List was born from an idea: to help close the divide between funders and grant seekers by providing a free, centralized resource where international collaborative research opportunities can be posted.
All opportunities posted to Newton’s List must involve research and an aspect of international collaboration. However, the site is not limited to only research grants, as travel grants, fellowships, scholarships, and workshop grants are eligible, too – as long as they meet the other two criteria.
Newton’s List will be an incredible resource for CRDF Solutions’ clients because it could direct primary research investigators toward funding opportunities for current and future endeavors.
The website is still in its infancy, but CRDF Global and NSF hope that funders and grant seekers come to recognize it as one of their primary resources for international collaborative research opportunities.
Down the line, CRDF Global and NSF have also suggested implementing more features that would be of benefit to the international science community. Some of the ideas currently being considered are message boards, news items, featured funding agencies, and there is the possibility to branch out into areas such as technical training and capacity building.
Above all else, making the site more useful and user friendly is paramount.
 To visit Newton’s List, please visit Also, feel free to provide any feedback for the site via the survey on the landing page.