Announcing 2020 RCMF Fellow: Fadime Özge Özkan

We are delighted to announce our Robin Copeland Memorial Fellowship 2020 fellow from Turkey, Fadime Özge Özkan. Özge is a Nuclear Engineer and Research Assistant under the Nuclear Research Division of the Energy Institute at Istanbul Technical University. She is also a Ph.D. student in the Energy Science and Technology Division of the Energy Institute.
“I am very enthusiastic for the knowledge and experiences I will get from leading professionals on nuclear security and nonproliferation policies as a nuclear engineer thanks to RCMF 2020. Even the idea of being able to make contributions to my home country and to the world on these topics excites me so much…one of the things I like so much about being a nuclear engineer is to use the nuclear information I have for the benefit and peace of mankind. I like researching, exploring new technologies, following updates and working together with the people in nuclear to create a better world. This is enjoying part of what I do,” – Özge.