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STEP Ukraine 2017 Finalist: Cardiomo, Ready for Official Product Release in 2018

Cardiomo, a CRDF Global STEP Ukraine 2017 finalist, is making strides in the wearable technology market.  Cardiomo, led by founders Ksenia Belkina, CEO and Roman Belkin, CTO, created a small health monitoring device, not much bigger than a flash drive, that adheres to the user’s chest.  The device they created, like most wearable technology, connects to an app.  The Cardiomo app’s clean and easy to use interface is just a bonus for the significant data the device collects.  After the initial set up, Cardiomo will detect and collect data from the user’s vitals, the same information given at the beginning of any routine doctor’s visit.  Blood pressure, body temperature, raspatory rates, heart rate, and other vitals can be continuously monitored with the device. 

The Cardiomo app applies artificial intelligence while monitoring the user’s vitals, this is where they believe their technology will save lives.  The Cardiomo app will give alerts when a condition like an arrhythmia or other concerning cardiovascular events take place.  The app will be able to give alerts that in the past, only a doctor could give. Cardiomo believes because of their technology, which gives instantaneous notifications of dangerous health risks, up to 12,000,000 lives could be saved annually.

Since Cardiomo launched their beta, they’ve sold 98% of devices made.  Cardiomo plans to start the certification process with both the FDA and CE Mark in February 2018, and start manufacturing the product, which has over 1,000 pre-orders currently, in Spring 2018.

CRDF Global is proud of the progress Cardiomo has made since STEP Ukraine 2017, and we congratulate them on their impressive numbers.  We are excited to continue monitoring their advancements and success throughout 2018.  

CRDF Global STEP is a program designed to assist emerging companies, like Cardiomo, in refining their business development strategies, and connecting the entrepreneurs to local and international investors.  STEP is made possible through grants from the US Department of State.