Event Recaps

Examining Iran’s Ballistic Missile Capabilities with Affiliated Expert Joe Brazda

The Increasing number of countries with missile stockpiles in the Middle East has significant implications for regional security, and Iran’s missile program is at the forefront of this development in absence of a regional code of conduct. Previously relying on old technology from supplier countries, Iran now develops its own advanced delivery systems with longer range which may be used to achieve its goal of becoming the preeminent regional power in the Middle East. With continued adversarial relations among its neighbors such as Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran’s missile program progression and power projection are increasingly becoming a matter of concern.

On Thursday, July 14, 2022, CRDF Global hosted a one-hour thought leadership event featuring Joe Brazda, an affiliated expert on nonproliferation and Iran’s ballistic missile program. Mr. Brazda discussed Iran’s quick turnaround from possessing a mainly defense-oriented arsenal to one with precise offensive capabilities. There is concern that Iran – a major weapons proliferator to both state and non-state actors – will continue to master this technology to advance its offensive capabilities. Mr. Brazda referenced Iranian missile production centers in Syria as an example.

Mr. Brazda concluded that countering Iran’s proliferative tendencies is crucial to establishing Middle Eastern security and stability, and therefore must be of great concern for U.S. interests. After the presentation, Mr. Brazda answered questions regarding the state of weapons proliferation and offered predictions on future outcomes related to ballistic missile systems.